a couple of years ago I've started a new project with PAA.
Mr. Treicis, the owner, ask me a new bath line composed by a tubs, washbasin and the furniture to complete the gamma.
PAA is a Latvian manufacturer that  in few years has become one of the most producers of bathtubs in solid surface material Silkstone.
so I've developed a new approach to the tubs, not only a good and comfortable shape, but a little universe in which is possible found everything can help the relax and the free moment of the life.
the result is an hub around which all the other elements revolve.
border line encompasses the whole bathroom - a line of a modular bath tubs with accessories, washbasins, furniture and mirrors offer unexpected functionality.
the modern silkstone and the traditional ash wood boot contrast and, at the same time, converge tradition and innovation into one.